Phoenix is first and foremost an advice centre for men and women sex workers. We offer our services to all prostitutes who are currently working, want to work or have worked as prostitutes. We advise and give help both with general questions and problems connected with working in prostitution, and with personal problems and crises. Furthermore we also offer longer-term individual support. Our service is free of charge and protects the anonymity of those seeking advice. It is our policy that advice and support only go as far as those seeking advice wish.

As a general rule the principle of partiality applies to counselling as with all the other areas where Phoenix is involved: We always accept the personal decision of those seeking advice to work in prostitution in whichever form they choose. No attempts are ever made to try to influence this decision! The aim of the advice centre is both to provide information, help and support on an individual basis and furthermore to work for an improvement in the conditions of prostitution in general. In this we are on the side of those men and women working as sex workers!

More detailed information on our counselling work can be found here.

Furthermore we are found in the milieu itself. More detailed information can be found here.

We regularly visit women who are in prison, on remand or in custody prior to deportation. More detailed information on this subject can be found here.

And last but not least we also offer extensive support if someone wishes to get out of prostitution. More exact information about this here.