Public relations

Apart from its counselling work centring on individual problems Phoenix is engaged in distinctive and targeted public relations work in general to dismantle society’s discrimination against prostitutes, in order to thus making a lasting and sustained improvement in the situation of women and men sex workers.

Phoenix is trying to achieve this goal particularly by means of lobby work in the form of talks with politicians, talks with the media such as the press, radio and television and through public relations activities such as World-AIDS-day or through special occasions such as EXPO 2000, the CeBIT Fair or the 2006 World Cup. In addition our employees continually exchange information with other relevant institutions in the prostitution sector, e.g. by participating in round table discussions, working with the Whores Movement or taking part in conferences on prostitution. Advanced training courses are given to disseminators and if requested our employees give reports and lectures.

The advice centre is therefore a competent partner for all other people interested in the subject of prostitution.